ORANGOTANGO is a project of KAZIKE and friends,
founded in 2004 in Lisbon/Portugal/Europe.

ORANGOTANGO creates and performs:

sound environments


film music

with the use of
Voltage Controlled Sounds created with analogue sound synthesis.

In contrast to many other performing musicians using analogue sound synthesizers, ORANGOTANGO performs
truly live, with no pre-recorded sounds, no computers, no tapes or other hidden storages. This delivers an unique, unforgettable experience to the audience - for the ears as well as for the eyes.

Each concert is a world premiere, the analogue sounds of the self-developed synthesizers are breath-taking and unreachable in dimension and spectrum compared to any digitally produced audio files, the performance in its visuality (mostly not even using keyboard interfaces) takes you to another universe.

ORANGOTANGO is embedded in the tradition of
electronic/experimental/avantgarde music and performance.
To change the audience' experience of forests, industrial buildings, mountains, parks, art exhibitions, sea shores, dance performances, churches, houses, castles, towers, water tunnels, animal cages, streets or dinners through acoustic interventions is the main approach of ORANGOTANGO. Voltage controlled sound synthesis in resonance with the environment leads to an immersive, unescapable therefore unforgettable adventure.

Frequencies of the Earth, audio waves of the specific length to provoke fear, to move metal, to create never ending resonancies, for subtile alterations of the space' atmosphere have been developed in cooperation with visual artists or performers.
Kazike has been performing several concerts alone as well as with other musicians. The ORANGOTANGO project includes improvisation concerts with musicians of various backgrounds and with all different instruments.
solo concerts show connections to the music categories experimental / electronic / "Krautrock" / abstract / minimal / visual music.
group concerts are very much influenced by the co-playing musicians such as experimental (with the guitar of Vítor Rua) or ambient (with the synthesizers of Guilherme da Luz).
ORANGOTANGO's Voltage Controlled Sounds immediately provoke images in the heads of the audience. This effect was early noticed when the first sound synthesizer have been developed in the beginning of the 20th century. ORANGOTANGO has been asked to create music/sound for films and videos as well as playing live music to films without sound.